What to Keep? How to Decide: 4 Key Questions

When it comes to getting and staying organized, by far the most difficult part of the process is making decisions about what to keep and what to let go. Whether it’s paper or stuff, having some basic criteria in place ahead of time on which to base your decisions will make them easier. While being organized does not always require getting rid of possessions, most of us have too much stuff – paper, clothing, books, knick-knacks, etc., for the spaces in which we live and work. Read more

“Free” Comes at a Price

Last month I attended an informative and enjoyable business women’s conference, and when I checked in at the registration desk, I was immediately handed a big bag full of stuff. My initial reaction was, “ooooo – free stuff!” Upon second glace, I realized that I had received yet another pile of generally cheap, mostly useless junk that would only clutter up my home and office, fill my trash can, and linger in my local landfill. Read more

Taking (a little) Pain Out of Tax Time!

Are you dreading that most onerous of tasks – preparing your income taxes? While it may not take the pain out of this year’s chore, try a few of these tips going forward from today and next year’s tax prep will be significantly easier. As you accumulate paperwork throughout this year that you must save for your taxes, you need to have a system in place to retain all of it in an organized fashion. Read more

Kick-Start Your Office! 5 Ways to Get Your Office Organized in the New Year

This is the time of year that every office, home and business, needs a good clutter clean out. Clearing off your surfaces and cleaning out your drawers and files can boost your productivity and clear your head for the year to come. A few simple steps can give you that much-needed fresh start. Read more

One Step at a Time

Looking at your to-do list, do you see an endless list of tasks, or are they really projects? If your answer is, “huh?”, you are not alone. Often, my clients will have lengthy “to-do” lists that contain such big items as, “Do taxes.” Or “Find summer camp for kids.” What these folks haven’t realized is that their lists contain things that are projects, and not tasks. A task is something that can be accomplished in one single step. A project is something that requires multiple, single-step tasks. Read more

“To-Do” doesn’t have to mean “Too much to do!”

Tackling your to-do list can feel empowering and productive, or it can feel overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes both emotions can co-exist when considering the tasks on the list. Having an ongoing, running list of things that never seems to get done and which only grows and grows can sap the energy and positive attitude of even the most productive of people. Read more

What’s Your Time Worth?

Every single retailer these days, whether they sell coffee, clothing, or office supplies, wants your email address. And they offer “rewards” in return. And what do those “rewards” get you? An occasional discount, maybe one free cup of coffee every ten cups, and lots and lots of emails. Sometimes several a day from each and every company. In return for a piece of your privacy, and a lot of your time, you may save a few bucks. Maybe. Read more

The 5 D’s for Quick Decisions, PT. 2

In my last article, I discussed the first part of my “5 D’s for Quick Decisions” for dealing with the daily paper that comes into your home or office. This month, I’ll cover the second part of the system, which should help you deal with just about any piece of paperwork that enters your space on a regular basis. Read more

The 5 D’s for Quick Decisions, PT. 1

When the mail and other incoming paperwork comes into your home or office, do you just plop it down on the first available surface and forget about it? Do you shuffle through it to pull out the most interesting or most urgent stuff, and leave the rest to pile up, because figuring out what to do with all of it is just too overwhelming and time-consuming? Are you tired of having your counter tops and desktop covered with piles of paper and never really being able to keep it all under control?  Read more

5 Steps to Optimize Your Office: From Frazzled to Free!

Getting your home or business office organized requires considering all aspects of your office and making them more efficient. When you can function efficiently, your productivity goes up and your stress goes down! There are several key areas that, when organized and set up properly, will make your office easier to use and save you time and effort. Read more